Sunday, 31 August 2014

Reflections on Uni + Handing in my Thesis


On Tuesday the 2nd of September, I will hand in my Masters Thesis and Oh My God You Guys, I can't believe that this is it. My time at university if officially over and I am now an adult...Knowing me, I will start celebrating from around 11 when the pubs open and be drunk/in bed by 3pm. Perfect. Oo ooh and once my thesis is submitted, I can return full force to this blog, devoting 100% to making my blog as great as I think it can be. So before I get too drunk to really write, I thought I would post some reflections about going to university, about doing an undergrad degree, about doing a postgrad degree and just generally how it has affected my life.
The Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm | Review


Does anyone know the saying, "a little of what you fancy does you good"? It's a saying that I've found myself living by. In these stress-filled days, nothing cheers me up like a little treat. So I went out and I spent £2.99 on one of the new Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balms. I bought the Keep Calm and Party, the purple one and you know what, for £2.99, I Love It! 
Oh no, my bag spilled and look what came out..the Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Chat about Motivation


It's 10 days until my thesis/dissertation is due! I've got 2000 words left to go; I need to conclude, format, edit & finish referencing and then I am done. Yes! So prepare yourselves for eclectic blog posts because I really need to focus now. I want to devote as much energy as possible to my work so the blog is still going to be carrying on but don't be surprised if the posts get shorter and there's more time between posts...that being said, I'm going to get on with today's post.

Motivation. Where to find it?
Tick Tock Time is running out