Monday, 28 July 2014

Spa Experience: The Scarlet Hotel


So today was the last day of my holiday at home. Tomorrow I'll be travelling back to Leeds, back to the library and back to working on my MA dissertation. Instead of mourning the loss of summer fun, we decided to celebrate with a luxury spa trip to the north Cornish coast. When you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, like Devon & Cornwall, and the weather is as hot as it has been lately, going anywhere else seems ridiculous. I love spa trips! They're just as good if not better than going abroad. 
Splashing around on the North Cornish coast
An hour and a half away, slap bang on the cliff top is The Scarlet Hotel. A posh, modern style hotel overlooking the sea. It was raining when we arrived but this quickly cleared up and we were left with beautiful sunny skies (which certainly came in handy later on). My first impressions of the spa were along the lines of "WOWZA" & "OHMYGOD". 

The inside pool was wonderful, very sleek, very modern with high ceilings and huge windows so that you could swim and take in the views. Around the edge were modern chairs that could have actually been modern art...I sat on them anyway. The steam room was hot, steamy and smelt of lavender, rose and chamomile. Speaking of lavender, rose and chamomile, there was hot pots of herbal tea everywhere! Perfect for stretching out in the sun with a good book and lashings of herbal tea!
Indoor pool
Speaking of being in the sun, the outside facilities were so freakin' wonderful! One of the highlights! The outdoor pond pool, all natural water, filtered by reeds & algae, a perfectly refreshing 19 degrees, with large granite rocks was absolutely delightfully wonderful, fantastic & just felt amazing. Never before has an outdoor pool been preferable to the indoor one. Never before has an outdoor pool been so perfect in so many ways. I can't even find the words to tell you how amazing this swimming pool're going to have to trust me when I say WOAH!
Outdoor Pond Pool

Filtered by reeds

Splish splash I was having a swim
Beyond the pond pool, but just before you fell off the cliff, there are the hot tubs. The hot tubs that look out over the sea, the hot tubs that are just so wonderful & just so perfect, they have to be booked in advanced! 
Hot tub + delicious view...
Champagne + blue skies = FABULOUS
Of course there was lunch and why yes, it was DELICIOUS! So good! We had the fish, oak smoked salmon with a whole load of sides including; spicy lentils, home made hummus, cardamom flavoured red cabbage & mixed bean salad. The highlight of the whole meal was pudding. I love puddings but I am a fussy sweet (or candy) eater. I don't like caramel. I don't like toffee. I don't like nougat. I don't like get the picture. I ordered a dark chocolate truffle cake with malted milk ice cream and it was unbelievable. I have no words. It was phenomenal. And there was coffee, there's always coffee.


Now, it's no secret that good facilities are essential to an excellent spa day but what's more significant, and often the reason you actually go to the spa, are the treatments. I was not disappointed. My skin on my face has never, NEVER, felt or looked as good as it does now post-treatment. Home treatments have nothing on actually going to see a specialist. Although I've been to many spas and had many facials, this felt like a new experience. In some ways, it was. Prior to the facial, I'd had a consultation with my therapist Jay. He told me all about how the facial & the products used were inspired by Indian spiritual healing where my spirit type, 'Pitta' an elemental mix of fire and water, would be compensated through therapy, i.e the facial, and ultimately my holistic well-being would be improved.  It was AMAZING. Scrubs, oil, face & head massage, face mask etc. So beautiful. So wonderfully beautiful. I loved it! It felt so good. My holistic well being has been improved, I'm sure of it. 
not a pic of the treatment but this was how I felt afterwards
If you are thinking about taking a spa break. If you're thinking about visiting Cornwall. Then I would recommend The Scarlet least their spa facilities. I've not stayed in the hotel itself, so don't actually know. It's a bit pricey but oh my days, it is worth every penny!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mens Shirt Outfit of the Day


Today I was clearing out my wardrobe, tossing various bits and bobs for recycling, or for the charity shop etc. And I came across this man's shirt with a really cool Ant print on it. I was like yep that's what I'm wearing today! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Everyday Makeup


Just a quick little post from me today. Just wanted to share my everyday make-up. I know it looks a lot but I don't actually put all of this on my face everyday. Especially in the summer, when I don't really want to be wearing as much but still need to a put something on so that I don't look 12. I like to change up my look depending on what I'm wearing and what I'm planning to do that day but some of these things are staples.
All my make-up & a cup of tea!

What's on my face

First off, I use the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation all over my face. Just to even out my skin tone & it has SPF in it so is perfect for the summer.
Next I use the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer on my blemishes followed by the Clinique Airbrush Concealer under my eyes, blending it in with my fingertips.
Then I use the Rimmel Match perfection to contour as it's a bit too dark for all over my face but I don't like buying something and not using it, like what is the point.
Then a bit of Soap and Glory Kick Ass powder to set it all. Followed by the Soap and Glory Love at First Blush on my cheeks.
I'll brush my eyebrows but not fill them in, simply because my face can't handle heavy brows, I look really weird with heavy brows so I don't bother.
To finish, I'll stick on my mascara, a holy grail mascara, the Benefit They're Real Mascara. Best. Mascara. EVER. (soon to be featured in my 'I Love It' series like the lipstick and the skincare products).

Overall this gives me a lovely natural look. What make up do you regularly use at the moment?

P.s Happy two week birthday to my blog WOOW! Thanks readers, subscribers, followers and those just having a look! You rock!