Monday, 15 September 2014

A Little Adventure...


Yesterday Dover (my horse) and I went on a little adventure. Instead of our usual round the block followed by a crazy gallop across the moors, we decided to do something a little bit different and a little bit more adventurous...
Getting ready to go
Dover looking more interested in his hay bin

 It was a hot sunny day, lots of flies buzzing around and to be honest, Dover and I were getting a bit bored with our usual stomping ground. We decided to head down the valley towards the river. The path down the valley, which leads off the moors is incredibly steep and for a big boy like my Dover (18hands is the same as 183cm) it was bit of a struggle. It's lined with gnarled trees, ferns and big granite outcrops. Unfortunately, some bright spark had cemented the entire bridleway so we slowly made our decent for fear of slipping the entire way down. 
The view from the top of the valley
Safely down the bottom by the river, we wandered along the river banks until we came to the crossing. I nudged Dover on and we stomped into the river. It was fairly low so we happily strolled across. But then it got deeper...and deeper...and Dover decided it may not be such a good idea to cross. It was fine, I pushed him on and edged into the deeper end and then stomped out onto the other side. Dover and I followed the path until we were presented with 3 options. An impossible bridge, a path that went left and a path that went right. 

We took the impossible bridge. Nah, we went left. This was all new to us, so we we didn't trot off into the sunshine but we strolled along admiring the beautiful scenery, the trees, the rocky outcrops and the British wildlife. The muddy track emerged out onto a concreted road. At one point I was concerned that we had stumbled onto someone's driveway or private road having lost the bridleway at the riverbank.  Nevertheless, we kept going on up the side of the valley. 
la la la riding on the moors la la la look at Dover's ears
Eventually we emerged out onto the moor that faces our usual haunt. I have to say, it was amazing to see our usual routes, pathways and jaunts so obviously on display. I dread to think how many innocent dog walkers had seen us gallivanting around. How embarrassing. Anywho, we carried on up the road, taking a grassy pathway that ran parallel to the road. Just before the road disappeared into some woods, we crossed over the road and took a path that lead up a steep incline towards the very top of the valley. We came out at the car park. Dover then decided he'd had enough and anyway it was lunchtime so we headed home again, retracing our steps.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gig Review | SGATMH & Land of the Giants


This weekend, Friday night was gig night. In my town we have a small intimate venue where a range of new up and coming bands love to play. Last night I, and my parents, popped down to the Wharf to check out Sam Green and the Midnight Heist (SGATMH) and the Land of the Giants. They were really good, and considering it only cost £8 to watch two quality bands, it was fairly spiffing if I do say so myself.
Big Crowd for a little venue

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why I've been Bad at Blogging (lately)


I can't believe it's almost been a week since I've blogged. I've seriously dropped the ball. I had planned a variety of posts to write but in the end, they a) weren't good enough and b) weren't all that interesting. Plus I forgot to take photos...Thus, this post is my 'wake up and smell the coffee' post and from here on out, I will be better at blogging.